“What is the plan, if any?”

Opinion: Status quo a non-starter in BC’s forest industry

By Arnold Bercov, President Public and Private Workers of Canada
The Province
January 28, 2018

Doug Donaldson understands better than most how neglected B.C.’s forests are, and how that neglect is mirrored in troubling job losses and missed employment opportunities in rural towns and First Nations communities. …Well the time for posturing is over. Horgan is premier. He and his forests minister, whose file now includes “rural development,” must act. It’s up to them to lead on the forestry and rural-revitalization files. …We see no signs of action from the government. What is its plan, if any? …Here’s what my union believes is possible and that’ll have the ultimate support of many First Nations, environmental organizations and some forest companies: More old-growth forests protected. An end to raw-log exports. Increased forest-industry employment based on getting greater value from every log we cut, rather than shipping it off in unprocessed form. New, First Nation-area-based tenures that anchor new joint ventures where First Nations are majority partners.

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