Wildfire Recovery in BC Community Forests – A Guidance Document

The purpose of this document, developed by Forsite  for community forests, is to provide general guidance and principles to consider after experiencing a wildfire event. The focus is on the key activities, responsibilities and funding opportunities for wildfire rehabilitation and recovery. Link to the document

The document is not intended to be a comprehensive review of BCWS’ four pillars of emergency management (Prevention, Planning, Preparedness and Response); however, each of these pillars include important considerations that will ultimately lend to the success of wildfire rehabilitation and other activities following a wildfire event.

The document should be considered in concert with the Engagement Agreement between Federation of BC Woodlot Associations (Licensees), BC Community Forest Association (Agreement Holders) and BC Wildfire Service . The purpose of the engagement agreement is to provide the basis from which BCWS, woodlots and Community Forest Agreement holders can build and/or improve their working relationships around emergency management and wildfire risk mitigation.