Williams Lake takes on fir beetle management

Chasing Douglas Fir beetles in the Chimney Valley

by Jim Hilton, professional agrologist and forester
Williams Lake Tribune
September 29, 2018

Now that the rains have come the logging contractors working in Chimney Valley can return to more regular hours of work. During the high wildfire hazards in August the Ecolink crews were starting long before sunrise to take advantage of cooler night time temperatures and lower fire dangers. Ecolink is the main contractor working for Alkali Lake Resource Management (ARM) which manages a number of land-base tenures and licences for the Esk’etemc First Nation at Alkali Lake. I think for most of us living in the valley it was good to see that Fir bark beetle outbreak was finally being addressed. I live across the valley and have noticed a steady increase in red trees for the past 10 years with a noticeable spike in the last five years.

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