When Forest Management Becomes Personal – An Overview of the Work of Community Forest Managers in British Columbia

UBC Graduate Student Meike Siegner has completed her report to the BCCFA as part of her doctoral research in the Faculty of Forestry.

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“This report is written to inform about the diverse work of community forest managers in BC and seeks to inspire readers that want to learn more about effective leadership in community-based social enterprises.

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City of Fernie to address logging concerns

The Fernie Mayor will personally meet with CanWel executives in response to mounting community concern about clearcutting in the area.

It follows a public forum hosted by conservation group Wildsight in Fernie on February 7,

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‘The Issue with Tissue’

U.S. plush toilet paper use wiping out Canada’s forests, flushing away the future: report

The voracious use of toilet paper in the United States — with the average American using almost three rolls each week and major manufacturers spurning alternative fibres — is destroying Canada’s forests and causing widespread environmental damage,

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