2019 Conference in Mission

Thank You Mission Municipal Forest for hosting a wonderful event, attended by a record number of registrants!

We are grateful to all of our participants,

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Logan Lake earns community forest award

Winners of the Robin Hood Memorial Award for Excellence in Community Forestry

Photo features the Logan Lake Community Forest Board, Staff and Deputy Minister Chris Stagg


Ministry of Forests,

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IWPA Gives Kudos to the Government of BC

The BC Government is taking a lot of criticism from the big tenured companies for restoring ministerial approval of tenure transfers.  Tenure is the exclusive renewable right to harvest the BC public’s forest resource and pay for what is taken based upon a formula instead of competitive bidding.  

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The Stumpage problem for the layperson

There seems to be a misconception that the BC Government is currently imposing crushing stumpage rates. In reality, they are being imposed by the Market Pricing System (MPS) that was introduced in the Forest Renewal Act of 2003.

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