2023 Indicators Support Docs

2023 Indicators Survey Methodology

This document provides the objectives, rationale and methodology behind the questions to measure the 18  Indicators.

2023 Indicators Survey Questions

This document is provided to give you an idea of the questions that are being asked in the online survey.  The survey is to be submitted electronically only. Please do not use this doc to submit your survey responses.

2023 Stories Template with Robin Hood Award Pitch

Stories are at the heart of who we are and what we do. To truly explain the full benefits of community forests to decision-makers and the public, we need stories and photos that describe your work and the positive local impacts of your community forest.

Stories can describe your efforts in any of the 18 Indicator topics, and may link together more than one. For example, the story of how Logan Lake high school students are hired every summer to conduct fuel treatments (investment in proactive wildfire management) and are taught forest and wildfire management lessons (investment in education). A “story” can be just a line or two that describes what’s happening in a photo, or a paragraph describing a community forest benefit or how the community forest overcame challenges. To check out stories that have made it to publication in the past, the previous Indicators Reports can be found at this link

We would like to have a rich collection of photos to accompany the stories. If you tell a story, send a photo of it!  If you would like to feature your CFA in the report, you must send us photos  and stories!  Photos of minimum 1MB quality can be sent to Susan for use in the Indicators Report.

To streamline the survey process, there is an option for stories to be written in this document or directly in the survey. If you would rather tell your stories to a member of the BCCFA staff, and have us write them down, we can set up a call to do that. Contact Susan at smulkey@bccfa.ca. We ask for your phone number below so that we can give you a call should we need to clarify anything in your stories.

You can also make a pitch for the Robin Hood Memorial Award in this doc. Please forward to Susan once you have finished!

Thank you

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