Forestry stakeholders must break from ‘divisive past’ and work together: minister

By Fran Yanor, legislative reporter
The Rocky Mountain Goat
February 10, 2021

BC’s new forests minister will introduce legislation this year to make ecosystem health and biodiversity an overarching, legal priority, and said sector stakeholders must move past divisiveness to work together, while some Indigenous leaders wonder what changes lie ahead for First Nations. “We have to have a break from that divisive past where companies in some ways did what they wanted. Well, they can’t now; we need to all work together,” Katrine Conroy, Minister of Forests said in an interview with the Goat in January. …Legislating the conservation of ecosystem health and biodiversity as a priority across the sectors was one of 14 recommendations from an independent review of old growth management released by the government in September 2020. …The number one recommendation of the report called for the full involvement of Indigenous leaders and organizations in reviewing any policy, strategy, and implementation that flowed from it.

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