Expanded BCCFA Extension Service

Organizations can benefit from more in-depth support, tailored to their unique needs on a fee for service basis.

The service offers the skills of Susan Mulkey and her expertise gained through 18 years of dedication to the success of community forest organizations.

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Forest Education Resources

Thanks to Bill Bourgeois for circulating these links.

  • Port Alberni educator Ryan Dvorak combines natural resource management with the Grade 9 curriculum to create transformational learning opportunities more information
  • Charles Bloom High School – Vernon more information
  • South Coast Conservation Program –
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Community Forest Research

Community Forests are a rich environment for research. Here are a few of the academic papers that used community forests as their research base.


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Useful Contacts and Links

BC Municipal Government

CivicInfo BC http://www.civicinfo.bc.ca/11.asp

Union of BC Municipalities http://www.civicnet.bc.ca/siteengine/activepage.asp?bhcp=1

Society Act http://www.qp.gov.bc.ca/statreg/stat/S/96433_01.htm#part3


Research and Extension

Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities website http://bcforestconversation.com

Non Timber Forest Resources

The Centre for Non-Timber Forest Resources http://cntr.royalroads.ca/

BC Mushrooms http://bcmushrooms.forrex.org/ntfp/pages/introduction.html

Community Forestry in Other Parts of the World

RECOFTC (Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific) http://www.recoftc.org/site/
Global Alliance of Community Forestry (GACF) http://en.acicafoc.org/leer.php/241
Rights and Resources Initiative http://www.rightsandresources.org/
Federation of Community Forest Users,

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