Value Added Enterprises and Community Forests

A three-part series of stories on community forests and how they are supporting local value added manufacturing.

Produced by the Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition (SIBAC) and written by Susan Mulkey, Manager of Communication and Extension for the BC Community Forest Association.

Valemount Community Forest – Trees, Trains and Innovation

SIBAC Extension Note – May 2015 Part 1
Part one tells the story of the Valemount Community Forest, the plan they have to bring a new spark to the local economy and the innovative approaches being utilized to create stable, local jobs.

Likely-Xatsu’ll Community Forest and Small Scale Industries – A Likely Story
SIBAC Extension Note – May 2015 Part 2
Part two tells the story of the Likely-Xatsull Community Forest, their great ideas, and their determined efforts to establish local small scale industries and put people in the community to work.

Harrop-Procter Community Forest – It’s All About Local Values
SIBAC Extension Note – May 2015 Part 3
Part three tells the story of the Harrop-Procter Community Forest (HPCF) and their successful, values driven, forest to mill, to lumber operation.