D.R. systems inc.

DR Systems Inc.
Our software and consulting services are specifically designed to help you develop a holistic understanding of your land base. We help you create an effective plan, develop the most sustainable land management strategies possible, and deploy highly effective monitoring systems to track your progress. This leads to a land base that is more sustainable, more productive and, ultimately, more profitable.

Consulting Services
• Growth and yield
• Timber supply analysis
• Strategic land use planning

Phoenix Connect Software
• Cost effective
• Cloud hosted
• Daily off-site backups
• Unlimited user access
• Exceptional customer service
• Manage blocks from harvest planning to Free Growing
• Schedule and track silviculture liabilities and licence obligations
• Compare plan vs. actual costs
• Quick access to reports and output data to Excel
• Create FTA and RESULTS government submission files
• Check compliance and be audit ready
• Use Planting Planner, with GBST and CBST seedlot valuation, for request key allocations
• Capture FSP details and use them to quickly prepare plans
• Track road authority, construction, inspection, maintenance and deactivation
• View related spatial data

Our continued success is a by-product of our dedication to customer service excellence. We’re committed to both client satisfaction and success, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to get there.

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Jill Gayfer
Product Lead – Phoenix Connect