D.R. systems inc.

D.R. systems inc.


D.R. systems inc. is a forestry consulting and

software development firm based in

Nanaimo, BC.

We help our clients successfully manage their natural resources by improving the sustainability of their land and

the profitability of their operations. We have been providing solutions for forestry and other natural

resources managers for over 20 years. Our expertise can assist clients in planning, forecasting and

evaluating their natural resource options. We also have a complete line of software applications to

improve your natural resources management from the ground up.

For Community Forests we can offer help with:

Consulting Services in the areas of

o Growth and yield,

o Timber supply analysis.

o Strategic land use planning.

Phoenix PRO Small Licensee software

o Software hosted at our office. Simply log in and start working!

o Manage blocks from Cutting Permit planning to Free Growing.

o Schedule and Track all your silviculture liabilities and harvesting obligations.

o Compare plan vs. actual costs.

o Links to your GIS.

o Create all required FTA and RESULTS government submission files.

o Check your compliance and be audit ready!

o Extensive selection of standard reports included.

o Exceptional customer service.

o No hardware costs.

o Daily off-site backups


For a full range of services offered by DR systems, please visit our website


Contact us:

Feisal Jiwan

Business Development Manager

250-760-1070 ext. 240