Ecora Engineering & Resource Group

Ecora is eager to work with Community Forest partners with forest interests of all sizes and tenures, or we can help with establishing your licenses and tenures for future use.  Our Registered Professional Foresters and GIS specialists can help you understand the complex needs of your land base, update your forest inventory, act as a liaison or facilitator with government officials, stakeholders and First Nations, and help you visualize the future of your Community Forest.

As a proud member of the BC Community Forests Association, Ecora has earned long standing and valuable relationships with multiple Community Forests tenure holders.  We have successfully provided work and assistance with analysis, inventories, and GIS for over 10 years.

Ecora’s broad spectrum of consulting services includes:

  • Web Mapping, scripting, and data visualization
  • Data consolidation (existing and new data)
  • Operational Mapping (Site Plans, Logging Plans, Planting Maps, etc.)
  • Mobile data collection
  • Drone flights
  • Imagery services
  • Data acquisition and storage
  • Access to GIS expertise
  • Provide shapefiles for Road Permit and RESULTS Opening Submissions (shapefiles will follow BC Mapping standards for use in RESULTS submissions)
  • Knowledge and help with Phoenix
  • Provide Georeferenced PDF maps for use on mobile devices
  • Inventory work
  • Forest resource analysis and reporting

Ecora is a forestry, environmental, and engineering consulting company specializing in natural resources and data management.  We are committed to creating and delivering quality products to our valued clients. We are a team of genuine, conscientious professionals that offer a full spectrum of consulting services to our diverse clients in forestry, environmental, Indigenous communities, municipal developments, government, oil and gas, alternative energy, and other industries.  Learn more about Ecora.

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Dani Taillon

GIS Manager

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Jay Greenfield

Director of Forestry

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Ecora is a SAFE-certified company under the BC Forest Safety Council’s SAFE Certification Standard and is ISN and OQM certified.