2013 BCCFA Conference and AGM

BCCFA Conference Report 2013

Thanks to the Wetzin’kwa Community Forest for being wonderful organizers and hosts and for demonstrating their meaningful connection with the Wet’suwet’en people. Thanks to the all of the conference presenters and sponsors for their support.

$815 was raised through the Silent Auction. All funds go to 2014 conference sponsorships for student and BCCFA members in need of support.

Session Summaries

Highlighted individual session summaries can be accessed here:
Manager’s Session

Adaptation Tools

Tablets and Smart Phones

Conference Program
Speaker Bios
Conference Sponsors


BCCFA Update presented by Jennifer Gunter, BCCFA Executive Director

President’s Report 2012-2013

Ministry of Forests Update presented by Peter Graff, Senior Timber Tenures Forester

Tools for Climate Change Adaptation presented by Kathy Hopkins, RPF, Technical Advisor – Climate Change Competitiveness and Innovation Branch, Ministry of Forests

Association of BC Forest Professionals Climate Change in BC Forests 2013 Awareness Survey presented by Casey Macaulay, RPF Resource Operations Specialist, ABCFP

Implementing Climate Change Lessons at the Operational Level presented by Grant Thompson, RPF, Manager Westbank Community Forest

Adapting to Climate Change presented by Bill Golding, RPF, Silvicon Services and Wetzin’kwa Community Forest

Incorporating First Nation’s Perspectives and Cultural Resource Management into Forestry Planning presented by Rick Budhwa Applied Anthropologist and Archaeologist, Crossroads Cultural Resource Management and David de Wit, Natural Resource Manager, Office of the Wet’suwet’en

Non-timber Forest Resources and the Wells Gray Community Forest presented by Samantha Charlton

Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corporation Value-Added Policy Direction presented by Dean Daly, Director, Wetzin’kwa Community Forest

Forest Sector Technical Support Services presented by Dave Mc Rae FP Innovations, Industry Advisor

Bridges II Project Update presented by Marc von der Gonna, RPF, McBride Community Forest Corporation

Smart Phones and Tablets: Tremendous Potential for Field Data Collection presented by Andy Muma, RTF, Land Information Coordinator, Skeena Region Smithers Ministry of Forests

Measuring the Benefits of Community Forestry presented by Jennifer Gunter

Evaluating Municipally-Owned Corporations as Community Forests Governance Structures presented by Evelyn Pinkerton, School of Resource & Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University

The Community Forestry Guidebook II, Part 2: Effective Forest Management presented by Kathy Coot B.Sc., R.P.Bio., Research Coordinator, UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest

Community Forest Showcase – Esk’etemc First Nation presented by Gord Chipman, RPF, Manager, Alkali Resource Management

Community Forest Showcase – Likely Xatsu’ll Community Forest presented by Robin Hood, Manager and Thomas Phillips, Director

Wetzin’kwa Field Trip