Tools to develop a Safety Plan

Safety Plans are a requirement for community forests

In BC, each community forest has a responsibility to have a safety plan in place to guide forest management activities on their tenure area.  Recognizing that tenure holders manage those operations in a range of ways, the Woodlot License and Community Forest Agreement Safety Committee of the BC Forest Safety Council has developed three safety plan templates based on the type of work being conducted and who is doing the work.

Each template provides guidance and resources (checklists, example forms, links) that will help community forest agreement holders build a new safety plan or enhance their existing program.  If you are interested in becoming a SAFE Certified, these templates will also assist you in pursuing that objective.

The scenario fillable form templates have been developed based on two main criteria:

  1. Who conducts the activities (e.g. the tenure holder and/or their employees, or a contractor(s)).
  2. The nature of those activities (e.g. higher risk activities such as road building, harvesting and log hauling, or lower risk activities such as planting, silviculture surveys and layout)

The following descriptions will help you evaluate your situation and choose the scenario most relevant for you:

Scenario 1

Tenure Holder
contracting out all tenure activities

Intended for tenure holders who contract out all activities carried out on the tenure area.  However, this does not preclude the tenure holder from conducting administrative tasks and/or visiting the tenure for general or site inspection purposes.

Scenario 1 – fillable form

Scenario 2

Tenure Holder
conducts some
tenure activities and manages contractors

Intended for tenure holders who use contractors to conduct higher risk activities (i.e. road building, harvesting, log hauling, etc.) and the tenure holder conducts ONLY lower risk activities (i.e. basic silviculture, layout, etc.).

Scenario 2 – fillable form

Scenario 3

Tenure holder
conducts most or all
tenure activities

Intended for tenure holders who directly conduct low and high-risk activities in the tenure area (i.e. planning, harvesting, silviculture, etc.).  The tenure holder may also periodically use contractors to perform some of these activities.

Scenario 3 – fillable form

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