When Forest Management Becomes Personal – An Overview of the Work of Community Forest Managers in British Columbia

UBC Graduate Student Meike Siegner has completed her report to the BCCFA as part of her doctoral research in the Faculty of Forestry.

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“This report is written to inform about the diverse work of community forest managers in BC and seeks to inspire readers that want to learn more about effective leadership in community-based social enterprises.

Drawing from a qualitative study on managerial decision-making
in community forests in BC, this report will grant readers insight
into the nature and scope of the managerial role in these organizations, and how management can effectively balance business and community goals and values. Decision-makers at the local and provincial level can learn about the experiences of community forest managers in engaging with this new form of forest tenure. CFA Boards can gain insight into the skills and qualifications that these individuals bring to their jobs. Community members can learn about how managers ensure involvement at the local level, and students in forestry and related fields may find that running a community forest might just be their dream job.

Part I of the report presents an overview of the managerial role in
community forests. Part II summarizes insights about the nature of
the work that community forest managers perform and concludes
with an outlook on the future of leadership in BC’s community
forest sector.”