Harrop-Procter Community Co-operative

The Harrop Procter Community Forest is located in the Southeast Fire Centre.


Harrop Procter Community Co-operative (HPCC) has 5 projects with an allocation of $184,070 in funding and generating 356 person days of employment. These projects all contribute to HPCC’s strategic goal of completing a fuel break above Harrop and Procter.  They are all adjacent to other treated areas.

  • Procter-Carson WUI Prescription Development – 60 ha
  • Harrop TU2 (Lasca Road)  Operational Treatment – 2 ha
  • Harrop TU1/ 152 WUI cleanup  Operational Treatment – 30 ha
  • West Procter TU4  Operational Treatment – 4 ha
  • East Harrop Ridge fuel break maintenance  Operational Treatment – 11 ha

“The work we are doing in Harrop-Procter is not a simple point-in-time intervention. The fuel treatments are part of a larger strategy and a broader community conversation about climate change and ecosystem resilience.” – Erik Leslie, Forest Manager, Harrop Procter Community Co-operative



Press Releases

Small, Rural Communities in B.C. are Making Big Gains to Mitigate Climate Change

A B.C. Community Co-operative Takes on Wildfire Prevention and Climate Change


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

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