Williams Lake Community Forest Limited Partnership

Cariboo Fire Centre

Williams Lake Community Forest has a 45 ha project approved and underway: The  Flatrock Fire Hazard Reduction Operational Treatment  with an allocation of $403,576 and generating 585 total person days of employment. The up to 30 person crew implementing the treatment is from the Esk’etemc First Nation.

The primary objective of this project is to increase crown gaps in the overstory creating a featured boundary around the restored grassland areas as well as reducing the potential for a crown fire. This area is identified as an extreme fire threat class with a rating of 10 and is within a class 1 WUI.

The project will  reduce the ladder fuels through understory thinning and pruning throughout the entire unit. Surface fine fuels are to be reduced through piling and removal of debris with burning or mechanical removal. Method of removal to be confirmed post harvest and will be influenced by remaining ladder and surface fuels as well as availability and timing of mechanical.

26.6 ha are scheduled as a hand treatment only and are located primarily within a registered trail buffer as well as areas adjacent to identified archaeological sites.

Long term, this treatment is expected to increase the resiliency of the stand and reduce competition.




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