CFA Wildfire Workshop 2019 Presentation – Kyle Miller

Reducing Rehab Costs by Changing Fire Operations Practices
Kyle Miller – Fire Rehabilitation Coordinator, WMB, Cariboo

ABSTRACT: A large area of British Columbia has been impacted by Wildfires during the 2017 and 2018
Wildfire Seasons. A myriad of strategies and tactics are used to suppress wildfires and inevitably these
activities create disturbances on the landscape. The disturbances (eg. fire guards, sumps etc.) can increase
fire hazards, impact natural drainage patterns, create erosion risks, produce unstable land features, pose
increased risk for the introduction of invasive plant species, impact aquatic and terrestrial habitat, impact
water quality, and pose various risks to public safety and the environment that British Columbians depend
on. Kyle has been directly involved in the rehabilitation of disturbances created during the 2017 and 2018
Wildfire Seasons and will speak to operational practices (e.g. strategies, tactics, culture, etc.) that can
reduce negative impacts and rehabilitation costs associated with these disturbances.


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