2017 Conference and AGM Tumbler Ridge – Another great conference

BCCFA Press Release June 18 2017

Surrounded by spectacular natural beauty, Tumbler Ridge was the perfect setting for the BC Community Forest Association to celebrate its 15-year anniversary. Delegates came from around the province to attend the annual conference, hosted by the Tumbler Ridge Community Forest. During the 3-day event, conference participants were treated to local hospitality and viewed first hand the incredible dinosaur finds that have put Tumbler Ridge on the map as a UNESCO Global Geopark, only the second in North America. The program included a field trip into the community forest to see treatments used to protect the town from wildfire, along with presentations and workshops on a range of topics important to community forest practitioners.

Thank you to our Tumble Ridge hosts, volunteers, sponsors and speakers for making the event such a great success. And appreciation goes to every delegate who made the time to get to get there and to participate in the networking . We value each and every individual contribution.

Conference Presentations

Liability and Volunteer Projects on the Community Forest – John Hawkings, Director of Recreation Sites and Trails BC, MFLNRO

Community Engagement, Building Trust and the Cultivation of Social Licence – Carolyn Whittaker and George Van, Firelight Group

Provincial Forest Sector Outlook – Chris Stagg, ADM Timber Ops, Pricing and First Nations Division, MFLNRO

BC’s Forest Sector: Working Together – Nikki LaChance, Director of Operations, Tenures, Competitiveness and Innovation Division, MFLNRO

Community Forest Program Update – Emma Neil, Senior Timber Tenures Forester, MFLNRO Forest Tenures Branch

Overview of BC Land Based Funding – Doug Stewart, Director MFLNRO Forest Tenures Branch

Community Forest Showcase  Jeff Beale, President, Little Prairie Community Forest

BCCFA Executive Director’s Update – Jennifer Gunter, BCCFA Executive Director

Conference Program and Speaker Bios