Workshop Presentations -Wildfires on Community Forests: Preparedness, Management and Recovery 

March 11th – 13th, 2019 
Williams Lake

Panel discussions included:

  • Impacts of fire
  • Preparedness and forest management for fire suppression
  • Fire recovery
  • Changing paradigms to manage for fire

The final agenda for the workshop can be viewed here. 

Links to presentations below:

Jennifer Gunter – Introduction

Susan Mulkey – Harrop-Proctor Community Forest 2017 Fires

Jason Regnier – Cheslatta Community Forest 2018 Fires

Jamie Jeffreys – Partnerships and Strategic Engagement

Les Husband – WMB Operations

Hugh Flinton and Matt Lees – Managing Community Forests for Fire Suppression through Prevention, Preparedness, and Communication

Gord Chipman – Alkali Resource Management Contract Fire Crews

Margaret Symon and Cedar Elliot – Khowutzun Forest Services Contract Firefighting Crews

Steve Capling – WLIB Fuels Treatments

Kyle Miller – Reducing Rehab Costs by Changing Fire Operations Practices

Stephanie Ewan – Fire Recovery Operations on Area‐Based Tenures

Rob Ballinger – Salvage Operations and Log Values

Tim Giles – Mitigating Mass Wasting and Downstream Impacts

Lori Daniels – Fire History and the Role of First Nations: “Two‐legged fire histories: Where tree rings and Indigenous knowledge meet”

Francis Johnson – Incorporating Traditional Values in Forest Management

Ken Day – Observed Effects of Silvicultural Treatments on the Alex Fraser Research Forest

Kerri Howse – Translating into Practise

Rodger Stewart – Conclusion: Forest Management for Resistance and Resilience